This workshop in feedback will give the participants knowledge, tools, models, exercises and inspiration to being a part of creating a developing feedback culture!

The workshop in feedbackworkshop in feedback is more extensive than a lecture/seminar. It offers a large amount of practical training. The workshop can be held either for a half or a full day. A workshop in feedback is for between 5 and 250 participants. Training materials could be supplied in the form of the book ”Professional Feedback – the magic of conscious meetings”.

The workshop can be held in both Swedish and English!

Workshop in Feedback:

    • During this workshop the participants will receive practical knowledge that can be used straight away in the working environment and in the private life.
    • The course has a high tempo with a lot of laughter and information. The day will give you insights and practices to get started with successful feedback.
    • The workshop also covers the art of asking for, giving and receiving feedback. The workshop alternates between theory and practical exercises.
    • During this occasion, tools and insights for better leadership and employeeship will be given.
    • As course material, the book Professional Feedback by Stefan Gunnarsson will be given to all participants. This is Sweden’s most sold book about feedback.
  • The full day workshop includes more theory, practical training and knowledge about group development.


  • Knowledge and insights about giving appreciative and developmental feedback (“criticism”) so that it can be received especially such feedback that can be perceived as heavy
  • Theory and practical exercises in giving, praying and receiving feedback.
  • Theory and practical exercise in a four step model to create successful feedback.
  • Our arrangement is a mixture of lectures and exercise
  • Method to introduce a feedback culture in the group.

Target group:

workshop in feedback birdThe workshop is targeted to: individual units, departments, management teams, project teams, all managers and leaders in the organization and/or the organization itself that wants to:

  • Develop their communication.
  • Learn how to give, receive and ask for feedback.
  • Develop individuals and groups.
  • Learn how to handle and avoid conflicts.
  • Receive knowledge about how to introduce a working practical feedback culture.

What participants have said about the course:

  • The most important part has been that the whole department has received a common “education” in feedback that we can start practicing and discussing straight away.
  • Receiving the tools to be able to give feedback. To get to practice on each other. To see the whole picture of behaviour and feedback.
  • That the seminar was so much fun. All the spontaneous laughs during the journey. Stefan has good sense of humor!
  • That feedback is such an important component in a functioning organization.
  • The own responsibility to contribute to the development of the group.
  • You have surprised me! Engaged, skilled and capturing lecturer and workshop leader.
  • To dare to speak about this in our group. This hasn’t been done before. Some of the things that have been brought up are clear examples of how it is in our group.
  • That the course wasn’t routine like but gave real tools.

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