Feedback Akademin, Feedback


We don’t stop growing
just because we grow up.
Life, possibly a long development journey.
Some stop on the way.
Stefan Gunnarsson

Feedback Akademin, Feedback


The Feedback Academy had educated over 20 000 employees and more that 5000 managers in feedback. The book Professional Feedback has sold in more than 15 000 copies is now out in English. All seminars and workshop can be held in both Swedish and English.

Feedback Akademin, Feedback


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Workshop in feedback

Workshop in feedback

This workshop in feedback will give the participants knowledge, tools, models and inspiration to being a part of creating a developing feedback culture! The workshop in feedback is more comprehensive than a lecture/seminar and a large amount of time devoted to practical training. A workshop can be held for 5 to 250 participants....

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Said about our workshops:

Stefan's sense of humor, I didn't expect that, very funny!

To dare to talk about this in our group. It hadn't been done before. Some of the things brought up were clear examples of how we work in our group.

You have surprised me! Engaged, capturing and skilled lecturer!

The most important part has been that we have had a common "education" in feedback that we can practise straight away and discuss more.