Multicultural groups have the conditions of becoming more efficient that mono cultural groups. This does not happen by itself, but you need to invest in the group. Otherwise there is a large risk that a multi cultural group remains underperforming.  We truly believe in diversity – if you invest in the group.

We present a method for developing multicultural groups that is based on Stefan Gunnarssons research about how you can accelerate multi cultural groups through knowledge and training in:

  • Group development theory and process work in the own group
  • Theory about cultural differences and process work connected to the existing differences in the own group
  • Theory about how to give and ask for feedback in the own group

The advantages with the methodology ”Accelerating multi culture group development with feedback” that has been brought forth through the research of Stefan Gunnarsson are:

  • The individuals receive valuable knowledge and skills in working in multi cultural groups
  • The group develops and becomes more efficient, adaptive and creative
  • Organisations become more efficient and more attractive as employes and performance of the group increases.


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