You in me

Dig i migENG

We influence and are influenced by each other. Both the positive and less positive ways.

  • We learn from each other.
  • We developed by each other.
  • We inspire each other.
  • We show paths for each other.
  • We are enriched by each other.

Tell colleagues, friends, family and others to another, primarily how we influenced in a positive way by the other.

  • I have learned from you …
  • I was inspired by you to…
  • When I do something, I often think of how you would have done it, for example …
  • You have made me realize …
  • Do you remember how you told me that you did some changes in your life …? I have been thinking about it and now I have…

I think this is one of the best feedback you can give somebody you care for!

Think about it, it might be someone that needs this feedback from you /be very happy to hear) or there is someone you want to give this kind of feedback to!



It was tense staket3


Sure, you could think about then.

Dwell on the past.

Put your hope in the future.

Worry about tomorrow.

But spending a large part of your life there.

Far from reality.

Drains your soul.

Welcome to step into the present.

To live life.

Stefan Gunnarsson

Feedback Mastery


Feedback is a powerful tool.
It can be used to show appreciation and help the receiver grow (and as a giver you will likely grow too). Or it can be used as an excuse for hurting people… Compassion or a lack of compassion makes all the difference.

You have relevant data for giving feedback. You combine that with the skills of formulating feedback and the mutual trust needed to deliver it. Add compassion and a receiver who is genuinely interested to hear how the giver is experiencing her.
– that is what we call Feedback Mastery.

Feedback as a mirror

Självbild speglad engelska L

I can get confirmation if what I know  about me is true or I can hear a different experience than my self-image says – in the latter case I get an opportunity to update my self-image.
Mirroring means that someone else sees me and wants to appreciate me for something I do (or not do) or that the other think that I can develop something I do.
The metaphor of the mirror also can also mean that it,  is a mirror image of the provider of feedback – a projection. So feedback can be about both me and to the one I give feedback to. All feedback is projective – perhaps more often than we think.
I can be proactive and ask others to reflect me and I can then decide if if I want feedback on a particular area, that I want to reflected and who that I want to reflect me.
“Mirror, mirror on the wall – say, how do you experience me?
On a course in the art of feedback you get tools to request feedback on your self-image.

Feedback, and the emotional bank account


Steven Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, describes a metaphor –  an emotional bank account – to be able to withdraw, one must first make deposits.

This applies to feedback, a manager or a colleague needs to “put in” appreciative feedback to build a climate of confidence. This assumes of course that the appreciative feedback is genuine. When the trust assets and trust is high, then the developmental feedback (for improvement) is easier to absorb.

In some workplaces have I heard: “Here, you only hear when you do wrong!”. Then chances are that the emotional bank account is empty and there is a distrust in such a workplace. The developmental feedback are not likely to get the intended effect, but may rather worsen the whole situation.

Therefore it is good to keep an eye on your colleagues ‘and employees’ accounts so that they are never empty. Then it’s time to give appreciative sincere genuine feedback!

If you see that your own account is shrinking, you can ask for appreciative feedback!

A good way to get started to fill on each other’s emotional bank account is to have a course / workshop in feedback as a group development activity so that there is a collective agreement to begin to give and ask for feedback.

Ps. One tip is that it also applies to your partner, your children, parents, friends, customers, suppliers, cashier in your supermarket and more.

Feedback makes winners

Ge och be om feedback båda blir vinnareL ENG

Feedback is a fantastic way to develop individuals and groups. And also customer relationships, partner relationships, and more.

The cool thing about feedback is that both giver and recipient can be developed, if done correctly and with the right conditions.

Like a rainbow with golden pots at both ends 🙂

Feedback Academy the specialist in courses in feedback.

Feedback Academy is the the market leader in Sweden in terms of workshops and courses in your feedback. The book professional feedback is given to all participants in the course and is the best selling book on the subject.

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Appreciate yourself – for real!

You will never believe that someone loves you  until you start loving your self WP You never know how beautiful you are until you believe it from your heart WP

Many people know intellectually that they are worthy to be loved as they are.
Not as many people know it deep down.

I think that is our big challenge – to go from “Of course I know that I am worthy to be loved as I am” to “I know deep down in my heart that I am worthy of being loved as I am, sometimes I can during short periods of time doubt it, but I will find my way back quickly. ”

It is when we love ourselves as we really are at their best and most beautiful!

For how will others be able to love me –  if I do not do it myself?

Happiness and harmony

You never know what sustainable happiness is... until you close the door to prejudices, fear, selfishness and hatred and open the door to curiosity, trust, harmony and love


Sustainable happiness and harmony  does not come by itself.

To achieve short-term happiness is simple, get drunk or buy an expensive gadget and so on. The challenge is to achieve long-term happiness / harmony of inner and outer peace. When we achieve this – group development will be easier and way faster and we can deal and grow from supporting and, to some extent, challenging feedback.