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Do you to develop your organisation? We are Sweden's best lecturers and consultants in feedback and group development. To, as a manager or co-worker, be able to give, ask for and receive feedback is one of the most important aspects in a well functioning organisation. We help you become masters in feedback.

Strengthen the organisation through feedback

Feedback is A and O for a developing and pleasant working environment. A strong feedback culture gives better cooperation, contributes to good relationships Feedback är A och O för en utvecklande och trivsam arbetsplats. A feedback culture contributes to good relationships and achieving goals while avoiding unnecessary conflicts. Both groups and individuals win on a feedback culture.

We provide lectures and workshops in feedback that provide information and tools to create a strong feedback culture. We work with all types of companies and organisations. Managers, project managers, team leaders and others with employee responsibility benefit greatly from our education, as well as all employees.

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Are you interested in a seminar in feedback or a workshop? You are warmly welcome to contact us at Feedback Academy!

Workshop in feedback

Workshop in feedback

This workshop in feedback will give the participants knowledge, tools, models and inspiration to being a part of creating a developing feedback culture! The workshop in feedback is more comprehensive than a lecture/seminar and a large amount of time devoted to practical training. A workshop can be held for 5 to 250 participants....

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Seminar in feedback

Seminar in feedback

Feedback Academy offers a seminar in feedback for groups with 5-250 participants. The seminar in feedback gives the participants theory of feedback, performance management and team development, mixed with participation activity. Training materials are supplied in the form of book or...

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Said about our workshops:

Stefan's humor, I didn't expect that, very funny!

To dare to talk about these things in our group. Hasn't been done before. Some of the things brought up mirror exactly the way things work for us.

You have surprised me! Engaged and captivating/skilful lecturer and exercise leader.

The most important thing has been that the whole department has has a common "education" in feedback that we can start practicing straight away and discuss more further on.